Monday, 28 November 2011

Party Girls and TuTu's...

So yesterday I hosted a birthday party for Ella Bella. She was 2 and totally unaware that people were there to celebrate with her and give her gifts and make a fuss of her….so why did I bother putting myself through it??

I baked a cake. Very nice even if I do say so, I cooked for close on 30 people, my husband did help with the cooking so I can't claim full ownership of that part , I even cleaned my house to the immaculate state that it so rarely is, and for what? Was the party really for Ella or was it to make me feel better that as a working mother I can host a child’s party, not get stressed about the mess (which there was a lot of ) and be prepared for the chaos that ultimately will ensue.

If I’m honest I think I really did do it for Ella and Seth. They had a fabulous time with all their friends and family…there were a few bust ups over toys but surely it would have been odd were that not the case…especially when Seth and his friend Lily took Ella’s new beauty set and did each others hair and were determined not to part with the hair dryer and lipstick for anything!! Nothing for  concern  unlike  the day when Ella and I were both wearing dresses and Seth asked to why he wasn't wearing one!!!

As the birthday girl, Ella exceeded herself by looking cuter than ever in the most fabulous tutu which I picked up at a market when we in Australia and as she flooted and scooted her way through the day I was left asking myself as I wiped the fresh cream from my new silk blouse which is now fit only for the rag box will I do it again for Seth’s birthday?

Answer…..Ask me again in April!!…

Now though I’m back into work mode trying to get flights sorted and appointments made for the buying season which will be upon us in no time….the only decisions there are which shows do I go to this year? I would love, love, love to do the New York show but can I really justify it? …. I’ll let you know later in the week when decisions have been made and flights have been booked!


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