Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November Rain

Today I just want it to stop raining…its November and technically suede boots should be fine in November . Not in rainy Belfast it seems!!   I’m so disappointed because I opened Elle magazine and spied the fab emu hi top boots which I currently have in stock. Surely a big thumbs up by the fact that they were featured as a cosy winter warmer, but when is the weather ever going to get properly cold and not wet so that we can safely wear our sheepskin boots?? Admittedly if I wasn’t so lazy and sprayed them with protector it would stop them from getting wet stains, but who really remembers to do that??? Anyway, I sold a pair today…thank you Elle, and I promptly sent my customer to get a protector spray so that she can wear her fabulous boots regardless of weather.

I’m actually totally undecided by the whole weather scenario, I’m definitely a winter girl at heart. With my see through skin I was destined to only ever have a tan out of a bottle so the winter suits me perfectly. Cosy knits, boots and it!   However after a family holiday to Australia earlier this year ( yes we did take 2 toddlers under 3 on a trip round oz ) I just wanted to come home, pack my bags and move to the warmer climes.

But the question is, if we did move would I miss the crisp cold weather which we do occasionally get in between the rainy days or could I totally adapt my wardrobe to accommodate the sunshine??

At the minute, looking outside at rain drenched Belfast I actually think I’ll just stay were I am, …..what would I do with my boot and coat collection in Australia??

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