Monday, 21 November 2011

Some colours don't suit you mummy....

I suppose in many ways I deserved it but I still cant believe she did it! A brand new Mac lipstick and Ella ( my 2yr old ) decided that the colour just was no good for mummy and that it suited her much better instead….every single bit of the lipstick over very part of her face!    Multiple layers…it took me 4 facecloths and 2 towels to get her clean as she refused to use the cloth again when she saw it covered in lipstick "dirty mummy"  she said!!    So, that was Saturday. On Sunday I caught her perched on the table like a pixie painting her toes..(literally) with a relatively new and thankfully soft pink varnish. Painting her toes so well she had stuck them all together and was moving onto her brothers hands when I caught her!

Now, I do not as a rule leave make-up lying around for her to get at but she decided to have a look in mummy’s new Owen Barry handbag…it could have been the animal print which enticed her, one way or another I have very little make-up in my make-up bag at work today and I have to count myself lucky she painted herself and not my new bag I suppose.
At least her colour choices matched her outfit!

So, after an eventful weekend at home I came in this morning in Christmas mode and have my Christmas window done and not looking too bad with a fabulous Inwear shearling coat centre stage.…..Only 33 days to go until the big day and I now have a new lipstick on my wish list to Santa! 

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