Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Summer in Winter....

Today I’m in the middle of two distinct seasons. On the one hand I am picking out and wrapping Christmas gifts on behalf of the husbands of those lovely ladies who shop in my store and on the other I am preparing for deliveries on my spring summer stock whose imminent arrival is getting me excited and stressed. Excited because I think I have absolutely excelled myself ( even if I do say so ) and cant wait for some of my new labels to arrive…Olivia Rubin being the one I am most excited about, and stressed because where am I going to put it?? It’s not even winter yet!

The winter has hardly arrived and Christmas is just around the corner and next week I am expecting my first spring delivery….Fantastic!!!

Now, as I’ve said before I am most definitely a winter girl. With my blue fluorescent skin its really my only option, and am so looking forward to getting back to freezing conditions. I have shearling coats and on trend capes, sheepskin boots and chunky knits which as yet haven’t really been appropriate for the mild weather. Of course I’ve been wearing them and feeling like I was about to spontaneously combust…if it means no false tan I’m all for as many layers as possible! So as other people have continued to wear one layer I’ve been living in a constant state of anticipation for the arrival of snow and wearing 3 layers- at least!

So what is the outlook. Is winter ever going to arrive?

Arrive it will, sooner or later, and when it does I’ll be totally prepared….I even have a sleigh for the kids… and yes perhaps I was a little ahead of myself there but they were all sold out last year and I wasn’t going to miss out again…just like the coats and boots, there was no way I wasn’t going to be prepared …after all, outerwear has been the must have item of the season!

So next week when you arrive into my store, alongside the chunky knits and sheepskin boots will be a sunny little section dedicated to spring/summer 2012 and if last year’s anything to go by it will have sold out before the end of December!! Fashion can be so fickle!!

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