Thursday, 3 November 2011

Life without text...

Like a zillion other people I have had a mobile phone for as long as I can remember…or maybe not quite as long as I can remember but certainly at least 10 years,  and like jeans you have to try a few until you find the perfect fit and for me it wsa the iphone.  Just in receipt of my newest update in August my phone and i we were getting on famously.  Until my beautiful son yesterday dropped it down the loo!!   As fab as it is when it works…it hasn’t taken much to stop it working as it was only in the loo for a fraction of a second!!!

I can’t phone people, I can’t text, and because I was off work yesterday I couldn’t even email or facebook people.  I felt like the world was moving on without me.

I am always telling my husband    I could survive without  it but,  apparently I cant!! My handbag feels empty without it and to top it off…I didn’t have it insured. 

So, the question from here is…do I buy another iphone?  Truthfully I don’t know…  I’d far rather have the beautiful emu leather jacket which hangs in my shop and winks at me every morning begging me to buy it and make it loved. But if I don’t buy the phone and go for the jacket instead. How do I keep in touch with people, my phone I use for email, talking, texting, social networking….when did our lives become so reliant on one tiny item?

To be honest I think I'll have to replace the phone and I’ll have to do it before the weekend, with the MTV EMA's on in Belfast this weekend I’m afraid I’ll miss something if I don’t have a phone….and despite the fact nobody felt the urge to give me tickets for the awards I am still so excited about them…I can't wait to see the style of the rich and famous right here on our doorstep, but equally I can’t wait to see wait the ladies and gents of Belfast will be wearing…will they do us proud?? I know a few people certainly will because I dressed them and they looked amazing and I’ve given them our special Cocorose folding pumps for the end of the night when they’ve had their toes crammed into their designer heels for far too long.

So, as much as it grieves me, I’m off to order my new phone…. Although I think I’ll just try on this leather jacket too… it would clash perfectly with any of the new Mary
Katrantzou collection she has designed for Topshop which I have to get my hands on.  Thankfully though its not released until February so that gives me time to get over the shock of the price of a new phone!!!

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