Monday, 31 October 2011

Is the man blind???

I remember my mother telling me if a job is worth doing its worth doing yourself…..who knew it applied to basic every day tasks like getting the kids dressed in the morning.

On Saturday morning I got ready for another day of making people look and feel fab by giving them gorgeous things to wear…( Ooohhh how very Gok Wan of me!!)....and left my children in the capable hands of their dad for the day.

Anyway, left out the kids clothes and asked my husband to dress them. Well…. I arrived home on Saturday to find my 2year old, Ella, dressed in her lovely bright turquoise  skinny jeans and cardi, accessorised by what on her feet… pink emu boots.!!!

Is the man blind?? Not only did they most definitely not match the outfit but they are still 2 sizes too big for her ( they arrived into the shop and I just couldn’t resist them ), she was like a baby turquoise bigfoot.

Ella admittedly was happy enough and even went to bed in them she loves them so much,  and a couple of people seeing her in them came in and bought them for their own kids, so in many ways my hapless, lovable hubsand did me a favour but I'd never tell him that!

The  end result was my daughter plodded about all day in boots miles too big for her and now the pink emu boots, well, they've been put out of reach until Ella's tiny little feet can fill them and i can chose her outfits accordingly....actually i have my eye on the cutest Mayoral pink knit dress which I should probably buy now to make sure we have it...

So our lesson for this week.....If you're going to let your husband dress your children, make sure you leave them out some shoes!


Friday, 28 October 2011

Leather exposure

This morning I was halfway into my leather dress…I looked down at myself and thought this is just not appropriate for the school run. Don’t get me wrong its very modest as leather goes…a round neck and a ¾ sleeve, not rumour evoking short…one of my favourite pieces of the season actually, but for some reason I felt exposed!

Had this dress been anything but leather I would have had no hesitation at all. So what was my problem this morning? I have to “dress” everyday because working in the shop people expect me to be. Some days I would love nothing more than to pull on my jeans and converse….I would save at least an hour in the morning, so I just don’t get why I was loathe to be dropping Seth to school in an enviable dress that had any other mummy been wearing it I would have been mega jealous!

You know what though, leather is hot this season and with no school run tomorrow ill definitely be wearing it….and wearing it with confidence.

While we're on the topic of hot fashion news I was flicking through some industry news this morning I read that Primark is to open concession stores in Selfridges, Birmingham and Manchester. At this stage it is only the menswear section of Primark, but this merging of fast fashion and high fashion is something which has been growing for a while.

I personally love this mix and encourage my customers to buy  items from me and mix them with high street labels…..I love to mix some of my Sarah Pacini pieces with Topshop as it makes the look a bit edgier and perhaps this is what the collaboration between Selfridges and Primark will achieve,  a mix of exclusivity and high fashion, a look pioneered by celebs  will be much more achievable for us mere mortals.

I gave the go-ahead for my new website today…very exciting !!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Life as we know it...

I said yesterday that today I was going to love everything 60’s , I was wrong!   Today I’m in more of a ladylike mood…..Think our new fashion favourite,  Florence Welch and her 30’s inspired looks.  Glossy hair,  puff sleeves,  full length dressing gowns for the launch of her new album ( yes really and why not?? ) and glamorous.    No, not very practical but sometimes fashion just isn’t!    For example, this seasons heels,  stack them high as high as you can walk in but with 2 kids not great for a day at the park so like everything else when it comes to fashion, we take what we love and we make it our own.

So,  wear the puff sleeve, satin ensemble but make it a shirt and team it with jeans for daywear…sometimes less really is more.  Not,  howeverwhen it comes to Victoria Beckham, yes, with her amazing style but not with her business.


Oh to be Victoria Beckham…even for a day! Its been all over the news this week that her company has posted whopping profits of £15 million in the first three months, what an achievement. She must be pretty proud of herself.

So not only does this woman have incredible style, she has a great business head too. All of this combined with the fact she is married to a most undeniably attractive man, has 3 gorgeous boys, and has a new accessory in the form of the beautiful Baby Harper who just seems to be the most angelic baby ever….( am I getting broody again ? ) Sowhat’s not to be proud of and how does she do it?

As a full time working mum of 2 the chaotic mayhem that is my life…is exactly that, it's my life and I love it! Yeah so my company doesn’t turn profits of £15 million (someday it might) and I did have babies which when we were out in public made it impossible for me to look as groomed and immaculate as Victoria does due to their lunch generally ending up on my shoulder, but hey, would I really want her life for a day…..yes please!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Today i think I'm

Today I think I’m in love…..with the 70’s fashion that is gracing magazines and shop floors all over the country. I love everything about it.-.the below the knee long sleeve print dresses, the wide leg flare,  everything, especially the hats…wide brimmed and floppy. Preferably Gucci but maybe only on our wish list. .Not so much call for the big hat in Belfast so not sure if id get the wear out of it that a Gucci would deserve.

Is it because there’s a little bit of romanticism associated with this era, girls running through meadows, I can see myself doing this with my hair blowing behind me , me in my fabulous dress and floppy hat…yeah well a girl can dream!  Maybe it’s Starsky and Hutch and the girls in their flared jean and Farah Fawcett hairstyles, sitting on the bonnet of the infamous Ford Torino, that inspires an air of confidence with this look . Or is it simply that 70’s fashion is pretty flattering for every body shape??

I just know that when I pull on my flare jeans and make this a look for me that I feel great. Tomorrow I’ll be in love the 60’s for completely different reasons to today’s love of all things 70’s.  It's good to have differnt loves in your life!

I don’t usually want for much but today I’m really lusting after the Tod’s taupe boots with fur trim…If I had any item in my wardrobe right now they would be it, maybe worn with a little lace tee and pencil skirt maybe even a camel trench style coat to keep me warm..... Oohhh, is it too early to do a Christmas list????

Monday, 24 October 2011

Bedazzle your halloween outfit

Monday morning and its nearly Halloween so I was coming into work today to find something suitable for the annual party….thankfully not at our house.. As usual I think a black dress with some inspired accessories, so imagine my delight when I opened this weeks Grazia(..Monday mornings in work always start with coffee and a flick through the mags) and I saw one of our necklaces featured in The Fashion Charts. Purple, Gold and favourably chunky. Spooktacular outfit sorted and I don’t even have to leave the comforts of the shop!!

On another note though…I got myself comfy on the sofa on Saturday night to watch the X Factor but in the end had to turn it off  half way through….not because of the singing which although isn’t great is nothing in comparison to the tragic styling of the contestants. Is it just me or was it worse than usual, Poor Sammy, what made them think that the leather look dress was good for her…she would have looked great in sexy skinnys to show off her legs, and some killer heels….sometimes its hard to know, maybe I’m wrong but I definitely think I know what looks good on someone and what doesn’t! Who knows??

That’s all from me, I’d better go do some work and admire the gale force winds and pounding rain outside.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Maybe after the MTV EMAs the celebs willl need some comfortable shoes?

If you want to grab yourself a slice of celeb style, The White Bicycle on Bloomfield Ave in Belfast is the place to go as they have just taken delivery of A-list fave Cocorose Foldable Ballerina Shoes.
These pumps are currently gracing the feet of many celebrities, film stars and models, and as a sign of their growing popularity, the brand was given the enviable task of designing an exclusive pair for the 2011 BAFTA gift bags in February.
These fabulous foldable pumps are perfect for career gals, yummy mummies and even brides who are dying to slip their feet into something more comfortable after a long day or night in skyscraper stilettos. They come in a chic, signature compact purse- with a hidden, petite satin shoulder-bag- perfect for carrying those heels!
The Diffusion Line for Autumn/Winter 2011 features fourteen gem-stone shades of Plum, Purple, Blue, Cranberry, Pewter, Champagne and Black- in four glitzy designs including Bow Glitz (below left in Silver and Grey) and Glamour Glitz (below right in Black Rose with Diamante).
This glamorous new collection is now available at The White Bicycle with pumps-and-purse combos retailing at £45. So whether you have a long day or night in heels planned- or if you just fancy a gorgeous new pair of ballerina shoes - get down to The White Bicycle before they all get snapped up!