Monday, 14 November 2011

....Sharp, modern stylish and flawless....i wonder is it hard to be that perfect?

It just wouldn’t be a Monday morning if I didn’t have something to say about X Factor…not that I am the greatest fan of the show a but what a Fash-off this week!!    I LOVED Kelly Rowland’s “hats off” to the man suit!    LOVED LOVED LOVED.    She looked sharp, modern, stylish and flawless…I wonder is it hard to be that perfect?    Stella Mc Cartney.. Job well done. There’s another item onto my endless wish list.!! And endless it is definitely getting!

Tulisa as usual was also gorgeous but sometimes a dabble into the unexpected is worth the gamble. Back in a dress on Sunday night for Kelly and its pretty obvious that if she put a bin bag on she’d still look hot!

So back onto wish lists and how  I have discovered what it is to be a working mother in the run up to Christmas.  Seth keeps dropping new things into his Christmas wish list and at only 3 and a half doesn’t get that the Santa list is done and dusted… I have already missed 3 items which he’s requested…not just requested once but for 2 weeks now if anyone asks what he’s getting for Christmas a Golden Robot has been the answer! Where do I even look for a golden robot and if I don’t get it…will a red one do?? Help anyone?

My wish list on the other hand is much more achievable ( hubbi, hope you’re reading this! ) I don’t want much really but there is a fab pair of new Jimmy Choo cruise collection wedges,  and with us getting the fab new Olivia Rubin collection in store in the New Year I know they will look amazing with at least  2 of the dresses…. That’s pretty good value I think, 2 dresses only needing one pair of shoes! ( yes I know sometimes I am completely warped in what is acceptable and what’s not ) but life’s short and some style is even shorter so we have to grab the moment when we can!!

So Andrew darling…if you’re reading this.. You might want to pre-order the Choos now, page 6!


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  1. I think you'll like this new singer....very fashionista