Monday, 7 November 2011

Goodbye MTV

As Belfast says Goodbye to The Mtv EMA’s we are left only with the memories of what a party Belfast can put on. It was an amazing privilege for Belfast to be host to such a prestigious event but for me the fashion on the night was what made me get comfy with the remote in one hand and a glass of something sparkly in the other, I had to try to spot some of the oufits I had provided  for the night...unfortunately that was as close to the action as I was getting!

I am a huge Gaga fan and I love everything about her but as much as I love her music I love her costumes more…she truly has a style all of her own and this is what helps makes her such an amazing artist, her originality and her style are portrayed in her music and in her as a person.

So not one to disappoint, Lady Gaga not only won 4 awards but her creative streak was on display from the outset.. anything less would have been a huge disappointment . Thankfully no meat made dresses last night, her costumes she said, were all made from paper by famous designer Paco Rabanne so environmentally friendly at least ! Her outfits varied from weird to weirder but in true Gaga style looked fantastic…not practical for a trip to the supermarket never mind a usual Sunday night out in Belfast but truly inspiring all the same.

As fab as she looked though I have to say, my fave of the night was our tiny little host Selena Gomez in her cream backless Marchesa dress at the start of the night…..absolutely stunning and I think if I win the lottery this week I might get one, or maybe two as it would be really hot in black too!

So, as Belfast partied the night away with the stars the rest of us had to be content watching from the comfort of our armchairs, the music and the fashion from the night will remain in our minds as  part of the best night Belfast has ever seen, but hopefully not the last….we know how to put on a party and if the MTV Ema’s want to return then we will welcome them with open arms…although next time.. I want a ticket!!

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