Monday, 31 October 2011

Is the man blind???

I remember my mother telling me if a job is worth doing its worth doing yourself…..who knew it applied to basic every day tasks like getting the kids dressed in the morning.

On Saturday morning I got ready for another day of making people look and feel fab by giving them gorgeous things to wear…( Ooohhh how very Gok Wan of me!!)....and left my children in the capable hands of their dad for the day.

Anyway, left out the kids clothes and asked my husband to dress them. Well…. I arrived home on Saturday to find my 2year old, Ella, dressed in her lovely bright turquoise  skinny jeans and cardi, accessorised by what on her feet… pink emu boots.!!!

Is the man blind?? Not only did they most definitely not match the outfit but they are still 2 sizes too big for her ( they arrived into the shop and I just couldn’t resist them ), she was like a baby turquoise bigfoot.

Ella admittedly was happy enough and even went to bed in them she loves them so much,  and a couple of people seeing her in them came in and bought them for their own kids, so in many ways my hapless, lovable hubsand did me a favour but I'd never tell him that!

The  end result was my daughter plodded about all day in boots miles too big for her and now the pink emu boots, well, they've been put out of reach until Ella's tiny little feet can fill them and i can chose her outfits accordingly....actually i have my eye on the cutest Mayoral pink knit dress which I should probably buy now to make sure we have it...

So our lesson for this week.....If you're going to let your husband dress your children, make sure you leave them out some shoes!


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