Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Today i think I'm

Today I think I’m in love…..with the 70’s fashion that is gracing magazines and shop floors all over the country. I love everything about it.-.the below the knee long sleeve print dresses, the wide leg flare,  everything, especially the hats…wide brimmed and floppy. Preferably Gucci but maybe only on our wish list. .Not so much call for the big hat in Belfast so not sure if id get the wear out of it that a Gucci would deserve.

Is it because there’s a little bit of romanticism associated with this era, girls running through meadows, I can see myself doing this with my hair blowing behind me , me in my fabulous dress and floppy hat…yeah well a girl can dream!  Maybe it’s Starsky and Hutch and the girls in their flared jean and Farah Fawcett hairstyles, sitting on the bonnet of the infamous Ford Torino, that inspires an air of confidence with this look . Or is it simply that 70’s fashion is pretty flattering for every body shape??

I just know that when I pull on my flare jeans and make this a look for me that I feel great. Tomorrow I’ll be in love the 60’s for completely different reasons to today’s love of all things 70’s.  It's good to have differnt loves in your life!

I don’t usually want for much but today I’m really lusting after the Tod’s taupe boots with fur trim…If I had any item in my wardrobe right now they would be it, maybe worn with a little lace tee and pencil skirt maybe even a camel trench style coat to keep me warm..... Oohhh, is it too early to do a Christmas list????

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