Monday, 24 October 2011

Bedazzle your halloween outfit

Monday morning and its nearly Halloween so I was coming into work today to find something suitable for the annual party….thankfully not at our house.. As usual I think a black dress with some inspired accessories, so imagine my delight when I opened this weeks Grazia(..Monday mornings in work always start with coffee and a flick through the mags) and I saw one of our necklaces featured in The Fashion Charts. Purple, Gold and favourably chunky. Spooktacular outfit sorted and I don’t even have to leave the comforts of the shop!!

On another note though…I got myself comfy on the sofa on Saturday night to watch the X Factor but in the end had to turn it off  half way through….not because of the singing which although isn’t great is nothing in comparison to the tragic styling of the contestants. Is it just me or was it worse than usual, Poor Sammy, what made them think that the leather look dress was good for her…she would have looked great in sexy skinnys to show off her legs, and some killer heels….sometimes its hard to know, maybe I’m wrong but I definitely think I know what looks good on someone and what doesn’t! Who knows??

That’s all from me, I’d better go do some work and admire the gale force winds and pounding rain outside.

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