Friday, 28 October 2011

Leather exposure

This morning I was halfway into my leather dress…I looked down at myself and thought this is just not appropriate for the school run. Don’t get me wrong its very modest as leather goes…a round neck and a ¾ sleeve, not rumour evoking short…one of my favourite pieces of the season actually, but for some reason I felt exposed!

Had this dress been anything but leather I would have had no hesitation at all. So what was my problem this morning? I have to “dress” everyday because working in the shop people expect me to be. Some days I would love nothing more than to pull on my jeans and converse….I would save at least an hour in the morning, so I just don’t get why I was loathe to be dropping Seth to school in an enviable dress that had any other mummy been wearing it I would have been mega jealous!

You know what though, leather is hot this season and with no school run tomorrow ill definitely be wearing it….and wearing it with confidence.

While we're on the topic of hot fashion news I was flicking through some industry news this morning I read that Primark is to open concession stores in Selfridges, Birmingham and Manchester. At this stage it is only the menswear section of Primark, but this merging of fast fashion and high fashion is something which has been growing for a while.

I personally love this mix and encourage my customers to buy  items from me and mix them with high street labels…..I love to mix some of my Sarah Pacini pieces with Topshop as it makes the look a bit edgier and perhaps this is what the collaboration between Selfridges and Primark will achieve,  a mix of exclusivity and high fashion, a look pioneered by celebs  will be much more achievable for us mere mortals.

I gave the go-ahead for my new website today…very exciting !!

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