Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Life as we know it...

I said yesterday that today I was going to love everything 60’s , I was wrong!   Today I’m in more of a ladylike mood…..Think our new fashion favourite,  Florence Welch and her 30’s inspired looks.  Glossy hair,  puff sleeves,  full length dressing gowns for the launch of her new album ( yes really and why not?? ) and glamorous.    No, not very practical but sometimes fashion just isn’t!    For example, this seasons heels,  stack them high as high as you can walk in but with 2 kids not great for a day at the park so like everything else when it comes to fashion, we take what we love and we make it our own.

So,  wear the puff sleeve, satin ensemble but make it a shirt and team it with jeans for daywear…sometimes less really is more.  Not,  howeverwhen it comes to Victoria Beckham, yes, with her amazing style but not with her business.


Oh to be Victoria Beckham…even for a day! Its been all over the news this week that her company has posted whopping profits of £15 million in the first three months, what an achievement. She must be pretty proud of herself.

So not only does this woman have incredible style, she has a great business head too. All of this combined with the fact she is married to a most undeniably attractive man, has 3 gorgeous boys, and has a new accessory in the form of the beautiful Baby Harper who just seems to be the most angelic baby ever….( am I getting broody again ? ) Sowhat’s not to be proud of and how does she do it?

As a full time working mum of 2 the chaotic mayhem that is my life…is exactly that, it's my life and I love it! Yeah so my company doesn’t turn profits of £15 million (someday it might) and I did have babies which when we were out in public made it impossible for me to look as groomed and immaculate as Victoria does due to their lunch generally ending up on my shoulder, but hey, would I really want her life for a day…..yes please!

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