Tuesday, 13 December 2011

11 sleeps and still not organised..

So Christmas is only 11 sleeps away and as usual I’m not as organised as I always plan to be! Every year I say, “end of November and I'll have everything done”!   Yeah right, Christmas eve and I’ll still be thinking of what I didn’t buy! The problem is that working in retail we work nearly every hour there is coming up to the big day, and when everyone else is doing late night shopping, we’re doing late nights!

I spend my days gift wrapping for husbands to either pick up on Christmas eve or I’ll deliver it to their homes. I make it so easy for everyone but myself it seems!

On the other hand, perhaps I secretly leave some of it until the very end because I love the last minute bolt around the shops??   Nah, definitely not! I leave it because I have a lazy gene! I start off really well but then it reaches a stage where I feel I’ve done my bit for this year and that it is now up to my husband to do some….inevitably he won’t and I’ll be the one continuing to keep the economy propped up by spending too much as I’ve run out of time on Christmas eve!

Anyway, rant over! I have decided that the best thing about Christmas this year is having the kids be excited about Christmas, and at  age 2 and 3 they are starring in their very first nativity this Sunday...Seth is a shepherd and Ella is a donkey.  A goat would have been more appropriate for her as she stamps her foot a lot in temper, but I dont think there was much call for her stamping skills this year unfortunately.

 Seth has been asking for at least 2 weeks now “ is Santa coming tonight mummy?”  I can't wait until I can finally say yes to him as this is the first year he hasn't screamed in fright at the big man in the red suit….on the other hand though Santa has still not been able to find that golden robot which has been requested!! Will he forget about it when he sees everything else? I hope so, I don’t think I could cope with a 3 year olds broken heart!

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