Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So Christmas is well and truly over, I always love the mad run up, the overeating, the socialising and then it hits us smack, bang right in the mirror….its January and we cant fit into any of our clothes! Surely, that’s a sign of a good time had by all! What else is January for if not trying to shift that extra 6Ibs??

Onto Christmas then…well Santa did not bring me anything on my very long list of very expensive wish list items…not really a surprise! What I did get though was my lovely ipad2..I’m not really a gadget girl but I do love the lack of buttons on an ipad!!!

Being a mum at Christmas has to be one of the best things in the world, the excitement on the faces of Seth and Ella on Christmas morning kept me smiling all day…until bedtime that is when Seth asked, “mummy, Santa already brought me everything so what’s he going to bring me tonight??” …wishful thinking by a 3 year old I think! And yes, if you cast your minds back to the run up to Christmas we were flat out searching the country for the elusive “golden robot” on Seth’s Santa list, we didn’t get a gold one but his daddy picked up a black one with 2 gold arms on Christmas eve for £3.99. Perfect! So perfect, it’s lost already and he hasn’t even noticed, so I’m glad we stressed over it!!!!

Unlike all the lucky people out there…like my husband for example who has 2 weeks off at Christmas, I spend more time in work at Christmas than any other time of the year and come new year I am well and truly wrecked, this year being no exception as my brother and his fiancĂ© came home from Australia to get married at the beginning of January…so my partying was destined to continue well into New Year!!!

I am more than ready then for the winter to end and the spring to begin, let the new deliveries start any time. I’m especially excited about our first delivery of Olivia Rubin with bright yellows and pinks colour palette its sure to put a smile on our faces and a hole in our pockets.

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