Saturday, 4 August 2012

Weekends away.....

Today I was really hoping it was going to be cold, wet and windy. A bizarre request for August? Maybe for most but when you’re in the retail trade the seasons are so blurred we forget what month it is, as when the sun actually shines we usually have winter collections in store!

So the autumn deliveries have started and there was a moment of clarity in my life when I decided I wasn’t going to hanker after the sun. I was all for embracing autumn! So… waterproof jacket purchased, a very stylish Ilse Jacobsen one in pink if you don‘t mind … and it looks amazing with my Hudson Jeans and converse, great for windy days chasing children through muddy puddles, but what about something a little more “Towie” I thought.
Lo and behold through the door arrives my Olivia Rubin Autumn collection. Now…I am one for a bit of the glam when the moment takes me so I got to thinking about weekends away and what to pack on the all important winter weekend away. You know how I love to dream about my fantasy world… So, picture a cold November day, country house maybe, glass of wine by the fire, good book….

Ok, so mood set. We’re thinking cool glam, not party dress glam so as not to be impractical for those country walks…

Here it is… just landed on my doorstep was the Olivia Rubin bright red slouchy knit with a big ball of wool on the front, of course the matching scarf is a must, paired with the black Hudson Nico jeans and to top it off…the red Lulu Guinness weekend suitcase!! Well there’s no point in having the perfect weekend wear if you cant travel in style now is there??? That’s my wardrobe sorted, now I just need hubbi to sort the weekend!

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