Friday, 11 May 2012

Hailstones in Summer..

So, finally I got my new website live! I’ve had my store The White Bicycle for 9 years now so it was about time I had a website to go with it. Great says you, but seriously, I started this process when I was pregnant with Seth, who was 4 last month!!! Don’t get me wrong, things weren’t really taken seriously until just before Christmas but finally we’re here and now I just have to learn how to use it.

Its weird, when I first mentioned to Andrew ( my wonderful hubbi ) that I was serious about an ecommerce site he kept asking me did I realise how much work there was. Well how much work can there be I thought?? Didn’t someone come in, take all the pics, write all the descriptions, pick out images, update images, resize photos and then do this for your every season??? Needless to say there was a few days of silence in our house while Andrew was deciding whether or not I was just pretending to be this stupid!! Looking back I find it all quite funny, Andrew on the other hand isn’t laughing just yet…but he will!!

So here we are with the summer season supposedly underway with bright skies and green fields…today we had hailstones! You know what though, its fine. I think by now we’re used to the unseasonal weather and being the troopers that we are we can be prepared for anything, which is probably why when I went to get myself a Part Two jacket (equipped with hood obviously) everyone else had beaten me to it and there was none left! How ironic that I’m looking at the stock all season and when I decide I’m ready for an item they’re all gone!

Looking around the store today I was deciding what would fit in well with my Summer wardrobe, (I am absolutely embracing my full summer collection next week.) I’m loving the understated 70’s tailoring, with feminine and masculine pieces sitting alongside each other, the perfect complement. Boho yet sharp it's definitely a season of contrasts. Blocks of classic black bring the look up to date with an edginess to the soft summer pastels.
What collection is complete without a little bit of black thrown into the mix? At least it doesn’t show up the rain stains.

Sophisticated and feminine all in one breath is a look totally made for the weekend….Just wish I was going a little further than work!!

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